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  Welcome to the Godfrey Family Web Site!


There's a new business in town. Palmetto Woodcrafts is now officially open for business. Palmetto Woodcrafts specializes in fine, handcrafted wooden and acrylic writing instruments.

Our new website, , is online but still currently under construction. When it's complete you'll be able to see pictures, descriptions, and prices of our products -- and most importantly, you'll be able to place an order!

The Unconstrained Discourse has a complete new look and feel. Give it a look and let us know how you like the new look.

In addition to the new look, there are several new features planned including new email addresses, polls, and a reader feedback area.

    Let's Go Geocaching!

Geocaching is a worldwide, family oriented game for Global Positioning System (GPS) users. Caches are hidden all over the world and their coordinates (latitude and longitude) are posted on the Internet. Players then use a GPS receiver (GPSr) to find the caches. We geocache under the name Carolina Cachers. Click on the icon above to learn more about this exciting sport, or click here to see a list of caches we've found!

   Let's Go Hiking!

We're trail reporters for We hike trails in the upstate of South Carolina; gather data about the hikes; and then write up some hike material that is published on the LocalHikes web site. To visit the LocalHikes website just click on the icon above, or click here to see a list of the hikes we've reported on! Be sure to check out the maps and pictures in the navigation bar to the left of the trail description.


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